2020/21 Season




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Practice Fee Payment Plan - Payments are always due prior to participating in any activities.  Original payment plan was due on the 1st of the month, but since the Governors Mandate affected practices we postponed payment to the 15th of each month.

  • Due January 15th - paid

  • Due February 15th - paid

  • Due March 15th - paid

  • Due April 15th - Due


Note- this is all subject to WA. State Covid Safe Return to Play restrictions and if and when the Power League is approved to hold events.


POWER LEAGUE & TOURNAMENT - These dates are subject to change due to pandemic approval.  Additional local tournaments will be played if they are able to function due to the restrictions.  Those details will be communicated as we get more information.

Payment Policy - Must be paid in full or current with payment play and up-to-date with extra tournament fees prior to participation.  Once a player agrees to participate in the program and any of the extra tournaments the payment is due regardless of their participation.  This is to ensure the costs are speed equally across all players and Foothills Select does not have the burden of the loss of income.

Note: For U15 HS level players and the potential conflict of the Power League with the HS season Feb. 1st - March 20th, we have been advised that the PL dates will remain the same and then adjust as needed.   WIAA has now changed the dates three times and there is no assurance that they won’t again. 

Power League Dates:

Jan 9 – PL U12 Seeding Day (Cancelled)

Jan 10 – PL U14 Seeding Day (Cancelled)

Jan 24 – PL U15 Seeding Day (Cancelled)


Event #1

Jan 30 – PL # 1 U12 (Cancelled)

Jan 30 – PL # 1 Top 4 Flights of U13/14 (Cancelled)

Jan 31 – PL # 1 Flights 5 on down of U13/14 (Cancelled)

Feb 7 – PL # 1 U15 


Feb 20 - PL#2 U12

Feb 21 – PL # 2 U15


Feb 27 – PL # 2 U13 & U14

Event #3

March 6 – PL # 3 U12

March 13 – PL # 3 U13 & U14

March 14 - PL #3 U15

Extra Tournament

March 27-28 - All Teams attend, Evergreen State Showdown.

Event #4

April 10th - PL #4 U15

April 17 – PL # 4 U13 & U14

April 18 – PL # 4 U12


Extra Tournament - Final Event

May 8-9 - All Team Attending, NW Jr's Mothers Day Classic

April Practice Fee $200