College Recruiting Connections - Foothills Director uses his Sports Management Degree and Professional Association connections to bolster opportunities for aspiring college bound volleyball athletes that have exhibited strong academics and an exceptional relationship to our program. Below are a list of colleges where we have avenues to help get our players to attend colleges and receive athletic and merit scholarships.  We also offer consultations with players and there families to better understand the complexities of the process.  We continue to build the list of schools and are adding to this list regularly.

Edmonds College NWAC - WA.

Columbia Basin College NWAC - WA.

Lower Columbia College NWAC - WA.

Highline College NWAC - WA.

Wenatchee Valley College NWAC - WA.

Weber State University D1 - UT.

York College D3 - OH

University of Rhode Island D1 - RI.

Roberts Wesleyan College D2 - NY.

Mount Holyoke College D3 - MA.

Central College D3 - IA.

Simpson College NAIA - CA.

College of the Redwoods CCCAA - CA.

Porterville College CCCAA - CA.